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Quality Primary Care for the Entire Family

Medical Care That Balances Professionalism With Friendliness


Dr Hindes believes in up-to-date, scientifically sound medicine that also takes into consideration the feelings and preferences of the patient. The patient is always the boss; Dr. Hindes will present and explain what he feels to be the best choices based on the best medical evidence and let the patient choose their course. If a patient makes a choice that seems to be wholly inconsistent with medical evidence or safety, Dr. Hindes will respect you enough to tell you that's exactly what he thinks you are doing, and will suggest ways to moderate the risk. Dr. Hindes believes that medical evidence is ever-changing and he is unafraid to change his recommendations as better data comes along.

Dr. Hindes also believes that the doctor-patient relationship can be fun and pleasant, if both are willing to enjoy a little sense of humor, balancing serious professionalism with friendliness.


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